Our mission at Covenant Wealth Management is to partner with families, providing counsel and inspiration that equips them to make sound financial decisions to successfully accomplish their financial goals and dreams during their lifetime, in keeping with their life’s purpose and calling, and establish their legacy that will continue after them.

To pursue our mission, we have a highly disciplined Wealth Management Process that helps us identify the key wealth management issues that impact success, and that process has five steps:

  1. Define Goals.
    We help clients define their goals based on their life purpose and unique values
  2. Organize Information.
    We gather all the personal and business information currently in place related to those goals. This could include current estate planning documents, tax returns, business buy-sell agreements, investment statements, insurance policies, and anything else that relates to our clients’ financial situation today and in the future.
  3. Analyze Gaps.
    We compare their priorities against their current resources and identify any gaps that may exist.
  4. Design Strategies.
    After clearly determining any gaps that exist, We develop coordinated strategies tailored to address those gaps.
  5. Implement Plan.
    Once we review the strategies and make any needed adjustments, we help our clients implement the steps necessary to address their goals and objectives and monitor their plan over time and make adjustments as needed.

To accomplish this, we are able to draw on the resources of LPL Financial, a leading independent broker dealer firm, to provide any needed financial product or service to our clients to address their goals and fill any gaps.

By giving a high level of attention to designing our plans tied to our client's life purpose, our clients are free to pursue their highest passions with the confidence of knowing they are on the right track.