At Covenant Wealth Management, we serve our clients with a values-based approach. Our values serve as the guiding principles for all of our operations and relationships.

  • Fiduciary
    A fiduciary standard of conduct puts the interests of our client first. At Covenant Wealth Management, we maintain a fiduciary standard at all times when working with our clients in keeping with the fiduciary standard of care of the Certified Financial Planner Board.
  • Independent
    Covenant Wealth Management is an independent firm. We neither have nor use any proprietary products or services, maintaining a consultative approach to advice. To accomplish this, we are able to draw on the resources of LPL Financial, one of the leading independent financial services companies (As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2019), to provide any needed financial product or service our clients may need to address our clients goals and fill any gaps.
  • Purpose-Driven Planning
    Covenant Wealth Management is a planning firm. All of our planning begins with a client’s life purpose and associated vision, mission, and goals. Our Wealth Management Process incorporates our client’s vision into the first step of our process and it serves as the ultimate guide to all recommendations. 
  • Biblical Wisdom
    Our firm is a member of Kingdom Advisors, an international association of financial planners who incorporate biblical wisdom into their advice. We encourage clients to incorporate biblical wisdom and values into their planning, from wisely stewarding their resources for maximum impact to passing a legacy of generosity to future generations.
  • Holistic
    We understand that what happens in one area of a client’s financial life can have a corresponding effect in multiple other areas. Making financial decisions with incomplete information is never wise. Our Approach to Wealth Management considers the interrelated components of your wealth, such as taxes, investment management, risk management, wealth protection, and others. We work with a select team of qualified professionals in a coordinated fashion to help our clients address their key financial goals. These professionals include accountants, attorneys, investment portfolio managers, insurance specialists, and others as well as the professionals on our client’s team and any professionals that we recommend that our clients add to their team as well.
  • Generosity 
    As a firm, we encourage clients in their desire to infuse generosity into their financial lives today and into their legacy for future generations. We also “practice what we preach” as we cheerfully give generously to both local and international organizations that help meet the needs of others.